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News: Employadam campaign garners mixed response


Graduate Adam Pacitti's decision to pay £500 for a Central London billboard to push a self-promotional website in his quest for work has provoked a mixed response among members of the twittersphere.

The 24 year old who has a first class honours degree in media production said that he made the move after having spent “countless hours looking for jobs with no luck”.

His aim is to get into the “ultra-competitive, cut-throat and slightly vacuous industry that is the media” and find employment with a production company, broadcaster or advertising agency, with his dream job being to produce for the BBC.

To this end, he has come up with a self-promotional campaign, which he launched on Monday 31 December based around his website.

But the reaction on Twitter to his move was mixed. Jackie@AngelVALtd, for one, said: “Worth a share – he could be someone's dream employee!! Love his initiative… EMPLOY ADAM.”

Rachel Miller ‏@AllthingsIC was similarly enthusiastic. “I like @adampacitti's initiative – job seeker for 'media role' hires a billboard + film & website. Employ Adam,” she tweeted.

But @lukejones was less sure, saying: “Can’t help but think the “EmployAdam” campaign is going to do this guy more harm than good.”

@emmarghh23, meanwhile, was downright sceptical: “Doesn't have a job yet can afford to blow money on ads, videos, websites, etc. Yeah of course you need help … NOT.”

What do you think? Watch the video below and let us know your views…

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Cath Everett

Freelance journalist and former editor of HRZone

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