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Nissan offshores HR shared services to India


An Indian offshore outsourcing provider has acquired Nissan’s HR shared services centre for an undisclosed sum and bagged a seven-year contract to provide the Japanese car manufacturer’s 54,000 staff with transactional HR services.

Genpact, which has provided Nissan with a range of other business process outsourcing services for the last six years, has purchased the company’s Human Information Service unit in Yokohama and is renaming it Genpact Japan Service Co Ltd. NHIS was set up as a Nissan subsidiary in 2000 and employs 136 staff, who will all be transferred to their new employer.
As part of the deal, the offshore provider has also contracted to supply the car maker’s personnel across the world with payroll, benefits, staffing, training and other key HR services until 2018.
A statement from Nissan’s HR department read: “Nissan is confident that Genpact will streamline the NHIS operations to best-in-class levels and provide exceptional learning and growth opportunities for NHIS employees. The business outcome will be the delivery of outstanding services to our customers, which is of utmost importance.”
Genpact likewise intends to use its new purchase to extend its existing presence in Japan, where it currently employs 110 staff. The centre will provide onshore outsourcing services to other customers in the country and the aim is to use staff from the firm’s Dalian, China operation to supplement on-site business process reengineering capabilities.
The offshorer currently supplies Nissan with finance and accounting, procurement, supply chain management, customer service, manufacturing, collections and analytics outsourcing services.


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