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Office ‘speak’ exposed


Phrases used in the office are more complex then ever, with latest research suggesting a whole new language must be grasped for those wanting to fit in.

According to recruitment outfit Office Angels, workers are engaging in new expressions including ‘blamestorming’, which means to debate with colleagues why a deadline was missed and who was responsible, or ‘boss-spasming’, where workers suddenly becoming ‘engaged’ in a lot of work as soon as their boss enters the room.

Office Angels invited users of social networking site Facebook to lift the lid on office jargon. Their published list of some of the worst culprits include:

  • I’ve been spinning my wheels for some time, what I really need is some traction.

  • I think someone needs a bite of the reality sandwich.

  • Inter-departmental liaison facilitation (lunch to you and I)

  • The juice ain’t worth the squeeze.

  • Put it in the fridge to snack on later.

  • We need to bottom this out.

David Clubb, managing director of Office Angels, said: “Jargon is an inevitable part of office life and whilst it can often be regarded as baffling and frustrating, there are advantages to speaking the office lingo. These can range from bonding with a team to understanding mind-boggling conference calls.

“My advice is to abandon unnecessary jargon and concentrate on communicating clearly. While trendy jargon may be used as a shortcut, clear, simple communication will never go out of fashion.”

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