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One woman’s journey to the world of freelance


What you’re looking for is right under your nose. I was musing for quite some time, before I made the move. In a job that I enjoyed, with flexibility, autonomy, permission to create, however, I just knew deep down, that there was more; that I was capable of more.

I knew I must spread my wings and leave my comfortable corporate nest. That knowing was there, bubbling, for a few years before I was consciously ready to take action.

Whose dream are you living?

This was my sixth job in Financial Services over my 20 year Corporate Career. First on the financial side, then I made the internal career move to the training side.

I could have listened after a year out travelling the world.

I could have listened when I went through my first redundancy.

I could have listened when I went through my second redundancy.

I could have listened when on maternity leave with each of my three children.

Within all of these transitional ‘times out’ of corporate life, by choice or enforced, were times when I reviewed my career and my wheel of life.

Yet in those times freelance wasn’t even on my radar. My instinct then was to seek alternative employment with a team that I could relate to and grow into. To seek out excitement, challenge and learning within the corporate structure.

“If one person can do something, then anyone can do it.” -NLP Belief of Excellence

I had being studying (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming. This opened my map of reality, my world, to many other possibilities.

To my patterns of thinking and behaviour and to choosing to step into the beliefs of excellence that underpin NLP. I began to live these beliefs that we all have excellence within us. We just need a little help and patience to discover our unique excellence. I became a practitioner and then an NLP Master Practitioner. And I continue to learn.

“Follow what lights you up.” Rebecca Campbell

I then found Soul Based Coaching, or it found me. A way of coaching that taps into our innate creativity, our superpowers.

It’s a way of learning Clean Language that’s stripped of any assumptions, any leading questions, ‘clean’. I immediately related to this structured, yet non-linear approach.

Drawing up metaphors to my conscious awareness that were already part of me, embodied. I could anchor metaphors for what I wanted my business to be like. I became a Certified Soul Based Coach. And I continue to learn.

In what other ways can I influence?

Then I knew I had so many skills and support to take the step. I knew I could choose other ways that were more in line with who I wanted to be, under my own brand. 

I believed in myself. I felt brave and courageous. I wanted ways to feel more energised. To be in yin to balance out yang. To take time out, to fill up my well of creativity; to network; to deliver with ease and grounded-ness. I also felt very exposed. Vulnerable. And yet I knew, my voice counts.

“Start close in” -David Whyte

It was time to tell the world. I told my family and then my boss. Quantum leap steps for me. It was still very emotional and continues to be, with many highs and lows. I felt like I was grieving the loss of this happy job in my final month.

Each training course I delivered was one of my last. Each person I met it was a goodbye, until we meet again. It was scary too, not knowing what lay ahead, and yet knowing deep down that I was following my path.

Freelance Leadership and Coaching

Day 1 was very exciting. By day 2, I felt bored and wondered what I had done, giving up a good job, security, a team of great people.

Head in hands, from that boredom came creativity to forge ahead. To flow with my work. To believe that I’m in this for the long haul. That this is a 20+ year project.

And I continue to explore, learn and grow. In my way. Under my brand. I continue to shed the layers of how I had conditioned myself to think and act. I continue to discover more about myself and others.

“Create a clearing in the dense forest of your life.” -Martha Postlewaite

I came across this poem before I left and knew this was the approach I wanted to take. To create space; to put in the work and to balance that with patience.  To slow right down. Since I share a birthday with Frank Sinatra, I wanted to explore “doing it my way”. And I continue to do so.

What would be my top tips if you’re considering such a journey? I don’t have a tick list where one size fits all, but here are some of the things that helped me;

“We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be?”- Marianne Williamson

My recommendations:

  1. Slow down and listen. What’s asking for your attention?
  2. Take inspiration from the world around you – books, art, poetry, nature, people, family, and friends.  The messages and connections you make are uniquely yours and can help you gain clarity.
  3. Be patient! Yes challenging, and worth it.
  4. Connect with your role models online, in person, follow people/ projects who inspire you.
  5. Build your tribe. Your groupies. Your supporters. Because you will need all the support that you can get.
  6. Commit: tell everyone what you’re embarking on.
  7. Seek support from a good coach (I’m here when you need me) to develop your relationship with yourself first.
  8. You will feel overwhelmed at times – develop healthy grounding practices such as meditation; walking/activities; down time; screen free time.
  9. Celebrate each tiny step that you take because over time, this is how you will build on your business.
  10. Believe you can, and you will. Be brave.
  11. Strive to be perfectly imperfect.

“What if I Fall? Oh, but my darling what if you fly?”

-Erin Hanson

Please connect when you would like coaching support, group training or to invite me to speak at your event. I’m very happy to encourage people to follow what lights you up. 

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