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Parents choose work over a family Christmas


One in 10 business men and women will be working, rather than celebrating with the family, on Christmas day.

When asked what important family events had been affected due to work commitments, 11 per cent of respondents in a survey by YouGov, on behalf of Clydesdale Bank, admitted to having actually missed Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve.

Working parents in the East Midlands are the worst offenders, with 23 per cent having missed Christmas Day, whilst workers in Yorkshire are far more likely to stick to the traditional festive family holidays, with only 3 per cent having missed either Christmas Day or New Year’s Eve.

“If there was one day in the year that you’d expect most people to put work to one side, it would surely be Christmas Day, but these findings are testament to the fact that Brits just don’t know when to say stop when it comes to work,” said Mike Williams, Clydesdale Bank’s business banking general manager.

Sadly the gloomy outlook continues with more than one in five admitting to having missed their own child’s birthday in the last year.

HR Zone recently reported on findings from the Trades Union Congress that reveal more than one in eight are working more than 48 hours each week, with as many as one in six Londoners putting in 48 hours plus.

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