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Report shapes HR’s use of Web 2.0


The HR community is being encouraged to debate how web-based technologies are influencing their role and people management for the next stage of new research launched today.

The CIPD paper, Web 2.0 and Human Resources: A Discussion Document, aims to offer HR a new way of making a significant contribution to an organisation’s strategic and operational goals by providing an introduction to social networking and looking at how it is already being used.

The report also encourages readers to take part in a debate that will be used as the basis for the second stage of the research.

According to CIPD figures, only 20% of almost 800 organisations it surveyed are using Web 2.0 technologies, with an even smaller number planning to use them in the next year. It is hoped the new research will identify some of the key barriers to take-up.

“Web 2.0 has the potential to change the way people interact and work,” said Martyn Sloman, learning and development adviser at the CIPD. “But like every new form of technology, there are challenges and degrees of risk. HR must be aware of this in order to advise senior management teams and influence strategy.”

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  1. But what are you trying to do with it?
    Like a lot of things written about web 2.0, I think this research suggests that we need to look for opportunities to use this technology in our organisations.

    I’m worried this will take us down the wrong path. Experience in various areas, for example, e-learning, suggests that the actual technology doesn’t matter that much; it’s how this is used as part of a blended solution to achieve certain learning and business outcomes that counts.

    So I think that rather than looking for a use of this technology, we may need to focus much more on our objectives, and then think about how web 2.0 technology, as well as non-technological approaches, can support delivery of the required outcome.

    I’m currently running a survey of my own on this and would be gradteful for any reader’s insights and perspectives.

    The survey is avilable at:

    I will of course be happy to send participants the survey findings and my conclusions from the results.

    You will also find more thoughts about the importance of connecting people and more comments on web 2.0 at my blog:


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