Employee Financial Stress: The hidden cost centre that harms retention, kills productivity, and drains profits

Learn how to combat employee financial stress in an uncertain economy, so you can boost workforce happiness and productivity while protecting margins.

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With sky-high inflation, rising interest rates, and an uncertain economy, reported levels of employee financial stress are climbing fast.

Employee financial stress directly leads to:

  • Lower productivity
  • Higher turnover
  • Severely diminished team morale

Inside this new guide from the WorkWell, you’ll discover:

  • The direct impact of employees’ financial stress on the company’s bottom line AND exactly how to combat it most effectively (hint: the solution has nothing to do with blanket salary increases)
  • The single-biggest problem leading to employee financial stress, why it affects even your highest-paid team members, and what to do about it
  • Common solutions to employee financial stress that a) don’t work and b) cost the employer more money

Get your copy today to learn all of this plus the market-leading solution that doesn’t cost your company OR your employees a single penny to implement!


At WorkWell, we provide you as the employer the resources to solve your team members’ toughest, non-work-related problems that directly affect their work performance.

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