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Staff would swap jobs to secure training


Three-quarters of employees say they would consider moving jobs if they did not feel they were receiving the right development opportunities, according to a new poll.

A survey by Media Logic found that despite the fact the majority of employees have only undertaken one or two business courses a year, 50% of staff still perceive training to be one of the most important factors when considering a job role.

Moreover, 75% of employees asked would even consider changing roles if their training package was below par.

The survey found:

  • Only 14% of employees have undertaken two or more training courses in the last twelve months

  • Only 25% of staff had since used the skills learnt on the course

  • Flexibility is the key to training as staff vary in their preferred style of learning and choice of location – 46% of employees prefer to train in working hours, 41% like to learn in the comfort of their own home and 10% prefer training whilst travelling or on the move

  • 72% of respondents stated that face-to-face contact, feedback from peers and consistent feedback were all necessary in order to make a training course beneficial

  • Workers place salary, colleague interaction and personal development as the biggest drivers behind improving their skills

The survey of 1000 young professionals, aged between 20-35, from small to medium sized organisations across the UK also revealed that over two thirds of workers believe feedback from tutors and peers enhanced the learning experience – the next key element being face-to-face contact.

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