CoachGPT: Is the future of coaching AI enabled?

yellow and black robot toy; CoachGPT: Is the future of coaching AI enabled?

How can we leverage generative AI to increase the accessibility of coaching in a way that enhances the performance of individuals, teams and organisations? Here, we explore the challenges, opportunities and ethical considerations for businesses looking to adopt AI coachbots.

An AI crossroads: Which path will you choose?

girl walking near trees: at an AI crossroads

We have reached a crossroads with artificial intelligence. If we choose the easy direction, AI will exacerbate societal ills. If, however, we take the more thoughtful and yet arduous path, AI might well enrich our lives. Quentin Millington navigates.

The AI workplace revolution: Three focus areas

AI readiness

The AI revolution is here, but organisations are struggling to develop practices to integrate the new technology fully and safely into their business. Natasha Wiebusch, Content Marketing Manager at Brightmine, identifies three priority areas.

Edelman Trust Barometer 2024: Innovation in peril

man holding incandescent bulb

What does the state of trust look like in 2024, against a backdrop of technological innovation? Leadership coach Blaire Palmer examines findings from the Edelman Trust Barometer 2024 and offers leaders guidance on building trust in an AI era.

12 HR and work predictions for 2024

HR predictions, crystal ball gazing.

What lies ahead for HR and the worksphere in 2024? We bring you predictions from experts in wellbeing, leadership, culture and transformational HR.