Navigating the path to culture change: A comprehensive guide

Navigating the path to culture change

Embarking on a culture change journey requires courage, resilience, time and commitment. By embracing the ongoing expedition of growth and evolution, it’s possible to unlock potential and achieve lasting success. Here’s your guide to managing a successful culture change journey.

Winners announced for Culture Pioneer Awards 2023

Culture Pioneer winners 23

The time has finally arrived for us to reveal the winners of our 2023 Culture Pioneer Awards. Find out who went home with the trophies for their exceptional achievements in organisational culture change…

How HR can bridge the workplace empathy gap

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HR can operate as a bridge between leadership and their people but this depends on the ability to productively harness data. How can HR ensure it has a firm grasp on data to effectively advocate for necessary changes?

Performance management, without the tick boxes

woman, travel, hike, depicting performance

Cynicism and rancour surround performance management and the typical appraisal. How can we transition this tiring, bureaucratic process into a fortifying ritual? Quentin Millington shares eight guidelines for a more human way.

How to know if your culture needs work

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We know that workplace culture has a defining impact on strategy delivery, but how do you know if your culture is hindering performance so much that it needs investment and focus? Is an engagement survey enough to read the signs?