An AI crossroads: Which path will you choose?

girl walking near trees: at an AI crossroads

We have reached a crossroads with artificial intelligence. If we choose the easy direction, AI will exacerbate societal ills. If, however, we take the more thoughtful and yet arduous path, AI might well enrich our lives. Quentin Millington navigates.

Return-to-office tribunals: How to avoid the battleground

photo of herd of sheep: Return to office tribunals: How to avoid the battleground

As UK firms move away from remote working and back to office-based setups, there may be an uptick in tribunal cases as employees push back. What do employers need to be aware of to ensure they remain compliant? Danielle Ayres, Employment Partner from Primas Law, advises.

Are you instigating fear in the workplace?

brown eggs in a box: fear in the workplace

Many leaders acknowledge that fear is increasingly being seen in the workplace, due to financial concerns, global instability and issues around exclusion, but other leaders may themselves be the instigators of fear.

Division of labour: Is AI one cut too far?

high-angle photography of bed of yellow flowers: Division of labour: Is AI one cut too far?

Division of labour, in the workplace and beyond, has enhanced productivity and accelerated growth. But, nobody wants to feel like a cog in someone else’s machine. Will AI create more silos and further amplify the negative impacts of division of labour?

How to train managers to be better wellbeing leaders

a white chair sitting on top of a wooden platform; Respresents a wellbeing leader

Line managers have a huge impact on the wellbeing of their team. Alongside fit-for-purpose health and wellbeing services and policies, leaders have a role to play in helping employees thrive and be at their most productive. Christine Husbands explores how to achieve this.