Digital wellbeing: caring for employees in an ‘always on’ culture


In today’s world, digital technology is everywhere and within a relatively short time it has become embedded in our social fabric. Such is the speed of technological change that its absorption into our day-to-day lives has occurred very rapidly, but without the research into its impact that precedes the introduction of medical interventions. As a […]

Science fiction and HR: imagining alternative futures


It is more than 200-years since 19-year-old Mary Shelley published her widely acclaimed novel, ‘Frankenstein’– known to some as ‘the first work of science fiction.’ Although it was popular at the time, even Shelley, with her remarkable foresight could not predict how popular her novel, or the genre she was forming, would become. Today, science […]

Learning analytics: why we need synergistic skills


In part five of a a six-part series, Trish Uhl – Founder, Talent & Learning Analytics Leadership Forum – looks at how and why L&D professionals need to adapt their skillset to make learning analytics work. Implementing an effective workplace learning analytics practice requires the right mindset, the right skillset, and the right toolset. In an […]

How can HR create a company culture ‘to go’ in an age of remote working?


Remote working is perhaps one of the defining characteristics of the modern workplace. It has evolved from a perk to table stakes for many employers. In fact, there’s a good chance you will be reading this while working remotely – indeed, 70% of the world does so at least once a week, according to Gallup. […]

Learning analytics: how to be more strategic in your use of data


In part four of a six-part series Trish Uhl argues that learning and development professionals today are awash with data – the challenge, however, is how to access and use it effectively.   We talk a lot about the discipline of workplace learning analytics – but what about the data that fuels it? Collecting the right […]

Why human skills remain essential in an AI workplace


We can automate certain jobs, but soft skills are still needed. As new technology is created, different opportunities that rely more on ‘the human factor’ will open up for employees. When thinking of the future of work, there are two things that need to be kept in focus: firstly, the advancement of new technology, and […]

Online security: how HR can help prevent cybercrime


HR teams have access to more critical data than ever before, but an alarming number of employees show a distinct lack of awareness when it comes to protecting that information. Digital transformation is affecting every area of business today, enabling more modern ways of working, with more employees than ever working flexibly or remotely, and […]

Reaching for the stars: skills advice from a NASA astronaut


To mark the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, which took place on 20 July 1969, astronaut Dr Story Musgrave explores how his thirst for learning has led to an extraordinary career. Even in our current world of uncertainty anyone can go the distance, he argues, but it requires embracing a new set […]

People vs. machines: the ongoing ethical concerns of people analytics


With people analytics fast becoming a key tool in the HR decision-making process, the ethical concerns that inevitably arise from the collection and use of people data are gaining prominence. Are HR leaders taking note? People analytics, also known as HR analytics, workforce analytics and talent analytics, has been on a slow, steady climb for […]

Recruitment strategy: are we over-testing candidates?


Traditional candidate testing methods can be onerous for prospects and employers alike, and favour a certain type of person over other, equally or more suitable candidates. New technology allows us to change all of this. We all want more data to drive our recruitment decisions. Information gathered through an assessment that provides a fully rounded […]

The gig economy: preparing for the disruptive forces shaping work


Mike Hammer – aka ‘The Gig Doctor’ – outlines how ongoing economic and societal events are disrupting the workplace and shifting skills requirements. Is HR ready to respond and adjust accordingly? A recent publication from Deloitte, ‘Flipping the narrative toward a brighter future,’ is worth reading if you’ve not already. The article explores an alternative […]

How to grow your own data scientists: a practical guide for the data-driven C-Suite


Demand for data and analytics skills is increasing, but existing leadership teams admit they often struggle with this. How can organisations upskill their existing teams while ensuring their future workforce is prepared? Data today is the fuel driving the modern business world. It therefore stands to reason that the ability to read and speak the […]

Three ways to help solve the HR productivity problem


How can HR professionals improve their technology use, workflow and communications to enhance their productivity? Recent research has revealed that HR workers spend seven hours a week manually checking, responding to and keeping up with different HR applications – the equivalent of 367 hours a year. With these workflow interruptions, it comes as no surprise […]

AI for recruitment: can robots really offer HR teams complete bias-free hiring?


While AI offers many possibilities for the HR sector, it is problematic when it comes to bias-free recruitment. Artificial intelligence (AI) is seemingly ubiquitous these days, with potential uses for it rearing their head in pretty much every business sector, and talent management is no exception. The latest development in this regard has been an […]

The future of HR: from human resources to human revolutionaries


Artificial intelligence may be able to take on certain tasks in the workplace, but human soft skills will always be in demand – it’s up to HR to champion and support them. The tech revolution dominates most conversations about the changing face of our world and, inevitably, business. The consequence of digital transformation is that the […]

Q&A: how collaboration tools are empowering HR – Geoff Perfect, Workplace by Facebook


Digital technology is connecting people in ways we never thought possible in the past. In an illuminating Q&A on day one of UNLEASH London 2019, Geoff Perfect, global sales director at Workplace by Facebook, explains how technology is paving the way for organisations to embrace and celebrate the ‘human’ elements of doing business. Alongside boosting productivity, […]