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The Couch?! Goes in search of a hangover cure


Boozy punch ups are the result of half of work parties which has got the Couch?! team thinking about the ultimate hangover cure.

So it’s the morning after the night before. You wake up nursing half a bag of chips and find you’ve slept with the remains of a kebab. Your hand is glued to the alarm clock’s ‘snooze’ function and you start to panic when the flash-backs of the little ‘word in the ear’ with the boss about his micro-management style come flooding back.

Yes you have a hangover and worse still you have to face everyone at work, you’re late and overcome with a nausea that may have something to do with the tequilia slamming competition you ended the night with.

And despite all this and the findings that we are a nation of binge drinkers, bosses are encouraging it. According to a survey by employment law and health and safety experts, Croner, 88% of employers intend to go ahead with the office bash.

So with Bacchus in full employment until the New Year we thought we’d offer a helping hand in finding that ultimate hangover cure.

According to the Student Zone (and frankly they know best) the top ten are as follows:

1. Cabbage … the ancient Greeks thought it was a potent cure.
2. Water … a pint or two before you go to sleep does wonders for sapping that dehydration.
3. Coffee … it may dim the ache but won’t do much else.
4. Voodoo … stick thirteen pins in the cork of the offending bottle – recommended for witches and those with magical persuasions.
5. Herb lore … in the dark ages it was suggested to try drinking a concoction which was predominantly soot – the jury is still out on that one.
6. Vitamins … make a trip to Boots.
7. Paracetamol … always read the label.
8. Hair-of-the-dog … don’t mix with number seven – this remedy has little to do with animals of the four-legged variety.
9. Fruit juice … with a good measure of fructose, which is good for burning up alcohol.
10. Stick to one … don’t mix your drinks. As Student Zone say: “Would you drink half a pint of fresh orange, a pint of chocolate milk shake and then a can or two of lager all in a row?” No we didn’t think so either.

And of course the ultimate cure is not to drink any alcohol at all – but how fun would that be?

We’d like to hear your hangover tips. Simply post your comments in the box below.

One Response

  1. Bacon Butty!!!
    What we tend to do after a works night out is to order lots of bacon, sauage butties. You need to feed your body salt lost through dehydration! It also perks everyone up!

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