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The Couch?! Has a good old moan


Inspired by a recent news release, this week’s the Couch?! purges itself of all its moans and groans before it’s too late.

If Britain follows Germany’s example moaning will become a thing of the past and we will all be thinking positively and communicating with our colleagues in a motivating way (Noooooooo! I hear you cry!). It seems that a German company has made whingeing in the office a sackable offence.

Ramona Wonneberger, head of the Leipzig IT company, Nutzwerk, has introduced a “two moans and you’re out” policy to clamp down on the “negative energy” that she thought was damaging the company.

Employees now have a clause in their contracts which states: “Moaning and whingeing is forbidden… except when accompanied with a constructive suggestion as to how to improve the situation.”

The Couch?! team are deeply disturbed at the thought of not being able to moan and therefore have put together their favourite moans in the office via a top ten.

So don’t just sit there, have a good whinge while you still can!

Top ten moans
1. We just love to have a good moan about the weather. It’s too cold it’s too wet it’s just never right!

2. A common moan in our office is people’s lack of ability to pass on messages – I mean how difficult is it to write a name and number on a bit of paper and pass it on? Doh!

3. It’s always someone else’s fault that you are late isn’t it! Yeah yeah those shocker trains that don’t turn up or that incredible traffic.

4. Why do people constantly complete these selfish acts? Again how hard is it to understand that if you take the last cup of coffee in the pot perhaps you should then fill it ready for the next person?

5. When is the last time you made a nice hot drink for your colleagues? This is a favourite moan in our office – it’s your turn no it’s your turn!

6. Another common moan involves people’s food disappearing in the staff fridge. Why do people eat food that they know isn’t theirs? And why do people leave food in the fridge to rot? Disgusting!

7. Computer moans. Anyone would think that you were the only one to experience problems with technology – we don’t care! We love moaning about our computers not working etc.

8. Why do we constantly have to sit in meetings for the sake of them? Boring! Boring! Cannot stop snoring!

9. Why do we always have fire drills when it’s chucking it down with rain?

10. We also love moaning about people who are always happy!!!! What planet did these people come from? Why do they not see the faults in other people?

The Couch?! invites you to post your top moans and whinges by adding your comments in the box below.

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