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The Couch?! HR Nightmares


Who would be an HR Manager? In an effort to soothe the profession's seething resentments we thought it would be nice to share those deep dark moments in HR we all dread!

It takes years of study and application to get where you are today. You spend your life absorbing and interpreting employment law detail that no one else cares about – except for other HR Managers. And what thanks do you get?

Well this week The Couch?! would like to give you the opportunity to have a bit of a whinge. To inspire your pent up frustrations we have devised an 'HR nightmares' top ten to get you going. Post your nightmares/amusing anecdotes at the bottom of this article.

The Couch?! teams top 10

1. Telling someone they have BO
2. Investigating missing money
3. Receiving a letter from an employee (who went awol) from her majestys service
4. Walking in on an office romance at the company bash
5. Making an ill-timed non-PC faux-pas
6. Rejecting friends and families(of your boss)for a job without realising who they are
7. People moaning about salary who are on about twice as much money as you
8. An IT1 form landing on your desk
9. Winding up in the dock facing an Employment Tribunal
10. Failing your CIPD exams …. again

David Brent quotes from the TV Series 'The Office'

"I haven't got a sign on the door that says white people only. I don't care if you're black, brown or yellow – you know, Orientals make very good workers."

"There are things that I will never laugh at. The handicapped – because there's nothing funny about them. Or any deformity. At least the little handicapped fella is able minded. Or sometimes not – it's difficult to tell with the wheelchair ones."