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The Couch?! Living the dream


lady on steps dreaming Was HR professional on your list of ‘dream’ jobs when you were a child or did you actually want to be an astronaut or a nurse? This week the Couch?! finds out how you ended up in HR.

A survey has revealed a big gap in what we thought we’d be when we grew up and what we ended up doing.

Most kids would rather grow up to be a doctor or nurse than a famous footballer, the study by Creative & Cultural Skills (CCSkills), the Sector Skills Council for the creative and cultural industries has revealed.

As a sector, the creative industries scored the highest. More than 30% of Brits specified some type of creative career as their dream job in childhood.

But, sadly, just 11% of Brits have managed to achieve these career ambitions.

Top 10 dream jobs for kids:
1. Doctor/Nurse
2. Vet
3. Footballer
4. Teacher
5. Actor/Movie Star
6. Writer
7. Dancer/Ballerina
8. Pilot
9. Pop Star
10. Astronaut

Top 10 dream jobs for adults:
1. Writer
2. Teacher
3. Landscape Gardener
4. Paramedic
5. Photographer
6. Police Officer
7. Physiotherapist
8. Movie Director
9. Restaurant Owner
10. Musician

So where’s HR in the list I hear you cry. We’d like to hear your stories what did you want to be when you were a child and how did you end up in HR? Just post your comments in the box below.

4 Responses

  1. I wish…
    When I was young I dreamed of being a famous singer – I loved to sing since the age of 4, but shyness overtook me through my ‘tender’ years. I was guided towards being a Secretary – a suitable occupation for a young lady! Finding secretarial tasks rather restricted I ventured into office management which, in turn, led to human resources and training. I suppose I now have a fairly captive audience, but haven’t subjected anyone to my singing yet! My burning ambition now is to have a book published, but the main objective would be towards helping others less fortunate than me and also to make people smile. 🙂

  2. Full circle
    As a child I had the usual dreams; Fireman, Pilot, Race car driver, anything in a uniform really when I think about it. But there is one wish that I have never been allowed to forget by my family.
    It was a sunny day in early spring of 1970 (now I’m showing my age) when a man with a big truck and overalls came to inspect and clean out our septic tank. My wish was to be a ‘Septic Tank Cleaner’. I have no idea what the attraction was. Somedays it doesn’t seem too far from where I have ended up.
    But yes, between that day and this , I did manage to join the 11% to become involved in a Creative vocation, before becoming focussed on my real passion, and no it has nothing to do with sewage. Although … maybe …

    Brendan Sweeney

  3. Career ambitions
    When I was a child I wanted to be a teacher but somehow that didn’t happen.

    After an early career as personal assistant to senior managers I moved sideways into HR as I could see a rewarding, well paid career ahead once I had got my qualifications and experience. I think a lot of people have just drifted into HR and not many probably set out with it as a firm career choice.

    My goal of achieving a more interesting career has certainly been the case and it is more rewarding now that I am working for myself. As I offer training as part of my consultancy services perhaps I have partly achieved my young ambitions.

    Sandra Beale

  4. Wealth, glamour and fashion
    Nothing was more glamourous and alluring then the world depicted in Dynasty – you remember the soap opera depicting the lives of Denver’s oil tycoons, their wives, estranged partners and various lovers. As a child I could imagine nothing better than usurping Crystal Carrington’s part and throwing on her huge earrings and evening gowns (!) ….

    Annie Hayes
    HRZone, Editor


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