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The Couch?! Takes a shower


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Boardrooms are not the only places for brilliant ideas it seems. Alex Hart, the president of ATP Solutions tells Business 2.0 Nov [reported in the Times]: “My best ideas come to me in the shower. There’s always been something about dousing myself with hot water that calms the senses and gets those mental juices flowing.”

So if you want a promotion and need a great idea then the best thing to do is dispose of the pin-stripe and head for the nearest bathing facilities for some ‘brainstorming me-time’.

But of course getting friendly with some soap suds wouldn’t be the same without familiarising yourself with the repertoire of the x-factor song-list.

The Couch?! is proud to present its top ten brain-enhancing shower tunes – so delve deep into your creative reservoir and get crooning:

Get your kit off and start on a high:

  • I’m Singin’ in the Rain: Frank Sinatra – context is all important

  • Higher: Creed – yep that’s where we want to be

  • I’m a Survivor: Destiny’s Child – I will not, repeat, will not get the sack

  • Tomorrow: From Annie – when the big idea comes, finally they will start to listen.

Soap in your eyes and no ‘eureka’ moment as yet:

  • Eight Days a Week: The Beatles – seven days just isn’t enough

  • Another Brick in the Wall: Pink Floyd – if the education had been any good we wouldn’t have to resort to getting inspiration from the wet room

  • Bridge Over Troubled Waters: Simon & Garfunkel – time to start weeping

Turning prune like but may have cracked world-domination:

  • Don’t Stop Me Now: Queen – on a roll now

  • Send me On My Way: Rusted Root – rich beyond my wildest dreams

  • Fly Me to the Moon: Frank Sinatra – as soon as I get my just rewards I’m so ‘outta here’

Got a song that gets you all fired up? Had your best ‘lightbulb’ moment somewhere interesting? We’d like to hear about it – simply post your stories in the box below.

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Annie Hayes


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