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The Couch?! Tune in or drop out


Tuning into the airwaves is one way to block out the stresses and strains of corporate life; this week the Couch?! probes at your cultural preferences and ponders why it is that Classic FM gets you reaching for the volume button.

A survey by Peninsula employment law firm has revealed that the likes of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven and Chopin are more likely to get a place in your IPod playlist than any pop, rock or indie bands.

Classical music has proved the most desirable genre whilst working with Classic FM tops the poll of workers favourite radio station with 23%.

The number of employers blaring out music in the workplace has also doubled over four years when a similar poll was taken.

The results are as follows:

  • Radio 1: 12%
  • Radio 2: 21%
  • Radio 5: 7%
  • Classic FM: 23%
  • Local radio: 20%
  • Others: 17%

We’re intrigued by your sophisticated musical tastes and would like to test the HR waters to see what songs, artists and radio station gets you humming and do bop a bopping.

Cast your vote by posting your comment in the box below.

2 Responses

  1. Classic FM soothes the nerves!
    I have my radio tuned to Classic FM all day at work, and especially find the 2-4pm slot beneficial! Listening to the likes of Einaudi’s ‘Una Mattina’, or the Greensleeves Fantasia is like a balm, especially after a mornings hectic HR activity where I feel, sometimes, that my office is more like a psychiatirst’s room! Anyone else have any particularly favourite tunes…?

  2. Don’t listen to the radio
    Because it’s nice that they profile our music tastes and all but no-one caters to my musical tastes at all, not on national or local radio. If I had to listen to the radio it would be radio 2 but honestly I’d like to hear these tracks on the radio some time before I start tuning in.

    Green Carnation – Dead but Dreaming
    In the Woods – Omnio (Bardo and Post)
    Life of Agony – Method of Groove

    But I suppose as an HR/Training guy I should be looking for:

    People are people – Depeche Mode

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Annie Hayes


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