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Top Oracle executive awarded £100k over sexist ‘boys club’


Karen Carlucci, former employee of Oracle Corporation has been awarded £100,000 by an Employment Tribunal after she sued for sexual discrimination and unfair dismissal.

The Times reports that Carlucci, 38, resigned from her post following her return from maternity leave when she was given a job well below her abilities.

According to the paper, Carlucci earned an annual salary of £62,500 and was paid commission of £113,000 in 2003 for her handling of accounts worth more than £900 million.

The cornerstone of the case concerned an alleged email sent by former boss, Adrian Wooton entitled ‘Rules’. The email said:

“Learn to wipe the toilet seat. You are a big girl. If it’s up put it down. You don’t hear us bitching about you leaving it down. Let us ogle. We are going to look anyway. It’s genetic.”

Wooton is also said to have displayed an inappropriate calendar on his desk featuring naked women and is said to be angered over Carlucci’s maternity pay that totalled £130,000.

Tribunal Chairman, Richard Byrne is quoted in the Times as saying of Mr Wooton: “He operated in a culture in which no one had pointed out to him what might not be appropriate in a mixed-gender workplace.”

The award included costs for compensation for sex discrimination, injury to feelings and loss of private health cover.

Since the case software giant, Oracle is reported to have spent £100,000 training 200 managers on equal opportunities, despite plans to appeal Carlucci’s award.

Former top banker, Ms Villalba lost the biggest sexual discrimination claim this week amounting to £7.5 million against former employers Merrill Lynch.

Official figures from the Employment Tribunals Service show that sex discrimination claims have soared comparatively since last year with a 76% rise.

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