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Tube staff to get 52 days holiday


Voted in by a massive majority, the Rail, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT’s) London Underground staff members have said yes to a deal which gives them 52 days holiday a year.

The new deal will deliver a 35-hour week.

Station workers previously threatened with the axe can also rest easy. The RMT say that as many as 800 workers jobs have been saved.

The agreement includes commitment to working all night on up to three occasions every year.

RMT general secretary, Bob Crow said:

“This is an overwhelming endorsement of a deal that delivers a 35-hour week in such a way that staff in a highly stressful job can enjoy quality time away from work with their families.

“It took us a while to get there, but this is an agreement that should set the standard for the industry – and it has been won by our members standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity.”

A total of 1,298 voted to accept the deal with just 39 voting against it.

The agreement was recommended by the RMT executive after months of detailed negotiations which followed a 24-hour strike at the end of June.

However, an ongoing dispute over staff grading for Tube workers is meanwhile threatening to result in strike action on New Year’s Eve.

The Working Time Directive sets the minimum entitlement to statutory paid leave at 20 days per year.

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