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UK employee engagement levels at rock bottom


A new survey reveals that workers in the UK are the least emotionally attached to their companies and most likely to move on when compared to staff in other countries.

According to the researchers, ISR, a global consultancy, employee engagement measures the extent to which employees identify with, are motivated by and are willing to expend extra effort for their employer.

The UK was benchmarked against Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, the Netherlands and the USA and was placed joint seventh for employee engagement.

The US and Brazil have the highest engagement levels. Three-quarters of workers in the US said they were engaged with their companies compared to a mere two-thirds of those in the UK.

In the UK, the top three factors influencing engagement are:

  • Long term career opportunities

  • Endorsement of company products and services

  • Respectful treatment of employees

Nick Tatchell, Project Director at ISR commented:

“Some of the findings from the UK were surprising. Contrary to a widespread belief in the demise of the career path, this research suggests that employees are highly motivated and energised by the genuine prospect of long-term career opportunities with their current employer.”

Earlier research by ISR showed that companies with high levels of employee engagement achieved higher levels of financial performance.

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