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What do stressed out bosses cause?


News agency Ananova tells that a new report from Taylor Nelson Sofres for training materials producer Video Arts concludes that stressed-out British bosses are passing their anxieties onto employees and impacting on total performance.

According to the news item, the report found that:

  • 76% of UK workers believe their bosses’ inability to deal effectively with their own stress leads them, in turn, to cause more stress to the people around them
  • 71% of respondents said they found being criticised in front of colleagues extremely stressful
  • 70% of workers were frustrated by unnecessary meetings which wasted their time
  • 69% of respondents said feeling as though they were not being listened to was a cause of anxiety and uncertainty

“Managers constantly claim that their employees are their single most valuable asset,” according to Martin Addison, from Video Arts. “Yet what they consistently fail to recognise is that their behaviour directly impacts upon the people around them – for better or worse. Usually, what it comes down to is a lack of experience and know-how. Often, the case is that managers simply don’t manage – they react.”

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