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What is the best recognised course certification?


I am the trainer at a manufacturing site offering in-house IT training courses in Desktop applications (there is a very wide range in competency from analysts to machine operators), currently people receive a certificate (more for attendance than reaching a standard) at the end of the course.

Currently, I am investigating the industry standard certification routes to tie in with the IT training that I offer to my delegates and was wondering which are the best ones for end users. I am looking at MOUS proficient users (it may be too application specific) and the European driving license (may be too general). It would ideally be available for the all the people that work at the site to follow subject to the certificate requirements.

I appreciate any pointers you may have,

Andrew Budkiewicz
Andrew Budkiewicz

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    I have looked at both and find that each one is dependant upon what your trainee needs are. ECDL does require some basic knowledge, even though it states for beginner level and covers a broader area than MOUS which appears to be modular based. ECDL as stated aims for the british and european audience whereas MOUS appears to be more accepted on a wider scale and more so for US target audience, even though this qualification is growing also in the UK.

  2. Funding available with ECDL
    MOUS is a vendor specific certification process which is fine if Microsoft is where you are at. ECDL is not as simple and ‘low’ as you seem to think. Also being a Scot I feel obliged to mention that if you link ECDL training through your local college (or the new Learning Skills Council) that gives birth in April 2001, you could possibly find that government funding towards ECDL is available

  3. ECDL comprehensive
    I wouldn’t have thought ECDL to general at all. Have you seen the latest manual mate? If it’s done thoroughly I would say it’s a very useful end-user qualification.

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