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Workers admit using flu as an excuse to skive off work


A whopping 83 per cent of workers would consider using the Norovirus as a perfect excuse to ‘pull a sickie’ for a couple of days off work, according to a survey.

The poll of 2,698 UK employees, by employment law firm Peninsula, also shows that 73 per cent of workers have used ‘flu like symptoms as an excuse in the past, and gotten away with it’.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula, said: “Employees need to be aware that a ‘cry wolf’ situation is likely to occur should they take un-legitimate time off work claiming to be infected by the virus. Calling in sick whilst in full health can become a problem later on.

“Regular short term absences are an increasing burden on business and the appearance of the Norovirus is an open invitation for ‘skivers’ to take a few days off work,” continued Done.

“Employers need to ensure that their staff know that they take absenteeism seriously and that re-occurrences are monitored closely.”

The legal line at Peninsula has received 2,245 calls since New Years Day from concerned employers regarding absenteeism caused by the Norovirus.

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