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10 most read articles from 2014


Happy new year all! If you're trying to pack in a bit more HR insight before we roll into 2015, take a look at the below – our top 10 most-read pieces from 2014. Enjoy.

1. The Dark Side of Emotional Intelligence

New evidence, according to Professor Adam Grant from Wharton School of Business, suggests that as we increase our emotional intelligence we get better at manipulating those around us.

2. How Netflix reinvented HR

Exploring the now-famous PowerPoint presentation outlining the techniques used at Netflix to shape culture and drive performance.

3. Why Generation Y is changing your reward strategies

Why the explosion in younger workers entering the workforce requires a re-think in how, as organisations, we motivate and retain through remuneration.

4. UK's toughest interview questions 2014

We've all heard of the tongue-twisting mathematical curve ball shockers pitched to candidates interviewing for positions at some of the world's most prestigious companies. Here are the worst of the worst.

5. Social media screening – is it ethical?

Background checks on applicants have been standard for many years. But there are split opinions on whether it's moral to trawl their social media profiles and make decisions as a result.

6. The Neuroscience of Interviewing

What can the latest neuroscience insight teach us about recruiting more effectively?

7. Vaping in the work place – developing policy guidance

With e-cigarettes gaining in popularity but science and popular opinion unclear, we help employers make sense of what a suitable policy should contain.

8. Do we still need managers?

As more and more companies adopt innovate hierarchical structures, some people are asking whether the era of managers is over.

9. Why HR is its own worst enemy when it comes to employee engagement

Are your employee engagement efforts actually doing more harm than good?

10. The Science Museum has chosen a brilliant name for their staff members

One of the best examples we've seen of alignment between job title, values, expectations and organisational goals.

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Jamie Lawrence

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