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10 top tips to combat stress


Sue Howson, Managing Consultant, Penna Consulting, Southampton, recommends that businesses take heed of the following ten guidelines to minimise stress in the workplace.

1. Have a clear stress policy in your employee handbook.

2. Adhere to it when issues of stress arise.

3. Show you take stress seriously.

4. Be understanding towards people who admit to being under too much pressure.

5. Encourage managers to recognise signs of stress in their staff.

6. Ensure staff have adequate skills, training and resources to do a job confidently and receive credit for it.

7. Provide scope for varying working conditions, if possible.

8. Encourage ownership of roles and tasks – allowing staff to influence how their jobs are carried out.

9. Ensure consistent and fair treatment – bullying and harassment cannot be tolerated.

10. Ensure good two-way communication – especially during times of change.

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