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2020: future of work predictions


A new report, Surviving and Thriving in the Future World of Work identifies the action today, which will prepare for the future world of work.

In addition to eldercare, it considers the impact of outsourcing, technology and generation X and Y, on the workplace.

It predicts that by 2020…

  • The cost of absenteeism due to stress is likely to triple.

  • Business leaders will be younger and their profile more diverse.

  • 75% of organisations will be outsourcing their HR function: HRO will move from functional to full-service, covering process end-to-end.

  • Business leaders will be younger and their profile more diverse.

  • Technology will deliver a death-blow to presenteeism: there will be an increase in virtual working and outputs will count.

  • Top-end professional jobs of the future will be knowledge and intellectual capital based, creating a two-tier workforce: workers will either be creator-innovators or implementers.

  • The way we work will be fundamentally overhauled: multiple main sources of income, the demise of the permanent contract.

  • There will be a significant increase in individual negotiation for reward and recognition programmes.

  • Employers will increase their focus on strategies designed to retain older workers; there will be a greater war for talent at the top end of the youth market.

  • Businesses will be radically redesigning work to unlock productivity: replacing reliance on long-hours with the European model of empowerment through training and development and capitalizing on technology capabilities.
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