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A quarter of workers plan to quit in 2005


One in four British workers are planning on quitting their jobs in the New Year; according to a new survey.

The YouGov survey, compiled on behalf of Human Capital Management software vendor Zynap shows that staff intend to move on just after Christmas.

Just over half (59%) are already looking for new job opportunities and a shocking 83% of those planning to leave their current employers say that bosses aren’t doing enough to address their reasons for going.

Career progression and pay are given as the two main reasons why people want to leave their jobs. Work/life balance came a close third.

Chris Macklin, COO of Zynap, commented:

“The results of the survey come as no surprise to us. The knee jerk reaction to the threat of losing talented people is often to pay more. The survey shows that career development and work/life balance are highly significant factors. This is yet more compelling evidence that firms need to focus still more on nurturing talent so that employees are convinced their next opportunity lies within the firm, not else where.

“This means having effective processes in place to identify talent in a firm. Businesses can then surface opportunities for employees and craft individual development agendas, which will excite talented people and bond them to the firm.”

Over 2000 employees were surveyed.

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