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Advertising feature: COLT Stream – effective training delivery for all your employees


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Effective training delivery for all your employees

Imagine if all your training videos and presentation materials could be called up on screen – instantly and easily – and were available at any time to anyone in your organisation, wherever they are. With no more snow-filled screens. No more embarrassing situations trying to get the projector to work. And, no more dusty shelves of piled-high videos. Just highly accessible training materials and corporate communications, reliably delivered at the click of a mouse.

Introducing COLT Stream

COLT Stream is an end-to-end managed streaming media service from COLT Telecommunications. It allows you to upload, store, serve and intelligently manage and distribute streaming content for training and corporate communications. Which means there’s no need to get everyone together in one place, at one time, anymore. Videos, presentations, supporting material and announcements can all be accessed, live or on-demand. It’s a complete fully-managed solution, backed by an award-winning customer service team and based on COLT’s high-performance, distributed hardware platform. Now there’s no limit to what your training can achieve with COLT Stream.

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What does COLT Stream mean to your training?

Secure, reliable and easy to access. Having your entire training video archive transferred to digital format means it’s far easier to store, access and distribute. You can create a library of all your videos and materials and make them accessible to everyone in your organisation. Digital files are safely stored in a central archive that’s backed up regularly – saving the physical space, materials and video cassettes take up.

Flexibility and control. COLT Stream offers both on-demand or live streaming. You have the flexibility to control who sees what, when. You could view a live transmission or access it later. The flexibility and control COLT Stream gives you, means trainees can learn at their own pace, by reviewing material when and where they want.

A network that gives you freedom. Because COLT Stream is a network-based service, your classroom can become a virtual learning zone – with COLT Stream there’s no need for trainees to be in the same room, city or country for that matter. For an organisation that spends money on transporting people for training sessions, a virtual classroom will save both money and employees’ time.

Exciting media enhancements. You can increase the effectiveness of your training with COLT’s Web-integration services. You could, for example, have a synchronised PowerPoint presentation running alongside your streaming content. Or, you might want to incorporate questionnaires after each training segment to test your audience. With COLT’s range of streaming and Web-integration services the options are unlimited.

A route to training leadership. For companies who are striving to achieve targets in employee training, COLT Stream has an important role to play and can help to define a company’s worldwide training and development policy.

And, if you need on-site filming, capture, editing and encoding we have the expertise and facilities in place. With COLT Stream, you’ll get as much technical support as you want, from our award-winning customer service team.

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For more information on how COLT Stream can benefit your organisation, click here.

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