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Any Answers questions on recruitment



To tie in with this month’s theme on recruitment, we take a look at recent recruitment-related topics that HR Zone members have been discussing in the Any Answers area of the site. Here’s a selection…

Data protection policy – recruitment and selection
We are reviewing our Data Protection policy in regards to Recruitment and Selection and would appreciate any input/policies from organisations who have gone through this process as a result of recent DPA changes.
All contributions gratefully received!
Jayne Stutt

Graduate recruitment
I am reviewing our Trainee Professional graduate scheme especially in terms of recruitment, selection and retention. I am looking for comparable jobs both in the public and private sector and would appreciate any comments regarding their schemes along with example job descriptions.
Paulette Rishworth

Assessment centres
What qualifications would one need to have in order to run a recruitment assessment centre, if any?
Traci Edwards

Gender diversity in recruitment
We feel diversity is of core importance to a healthy workforce and wish to improve our recruitment of females within IT. Can anyone advise good places to advertise on and off line, how to advertise to attract attention from more females (I expect writing about role aims and achievements rather than listing a load of technical skills…), research that helps to guide diverse recruiting policies for females, or similar? Help gratefully received.
Tim Symes

Recruitment and selection training
We are seeking a recruitment and selection trainer who can provide a course using our internal policies / procedures mixed with best practice. Any suggestions of people you have used whom you found to be of good quality? We want ‘practical’ hand on training/experiences. Recommendations only please!
Ian Stone

Telephone support for online recruitment
Does anyone have any experience of offering a telephone support for their online recruitment? What sort of volume in relation to vacancies/ applications have you had?
Any thoughts/ experiences welcome.
Richard Sorrell

Shortlisting criteria
I am attempting to create an updated recruitment process, where previously no policies or procedures have been in place. Does anyone have a generic form for shortlisting and how do you weight the criteria so that its non-discriminatory? Any help would be appreciated!
Wendy Acton

Vacancy filling
Our recruitment processes can take between 3-6 months to fill a post (with advertising, recruitment, offer and time for new employee to start), and if the previous incumbent leaves with one month’s notice we often have a lengthy gap in cover for the post. Does anyone have any ideas for filling this gap temporarily, or experience of coping with the issue? The posts most affected by this are often specialist (sometimes scientific)posts where the necessary skills and experience can be in short supply.
Ken Smith

Establishment of recruitment process
I am a recruiter researching the establishment of a formal and forward thinking recruitment and selection process for my client’s organisation. Previously they have simply utilised line manager interviews supported by profile tests. Are there any sites/referral where I can search? Many thanks in advance.
Graham Napier

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