I was wondering if people have any positive reports on back to work interviews for reducing those odd days of sickness. I know that a department has been particularly bad with taking their lieu days at the correct times and have already addressed this and we do have a stress management policy in place. We have had a 35% increase of sickness absence from last year which is clearly unacceptable. I am going to suggest some ways of tackling this to our Departmental Heads and have thought about the following:
1) Back to work interviews
2) Suggestion of 2 unpaid duvet days a year
3) Sick pay only happening after the 3rd day
4) Incentive scheme

Of the 4 I prefer either 1 or 2, or a combination of both.

I would be really interested in hearing how other companies tackle this subject and what has worked for them. Anyone got any other suggestions??

We are a fairly small company (approx 65) so a new system should be fairly easy to implement.

Any comments welcome
Sam Hoskins

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