This is a strange situation.

The General Manager of our organisation has 5 senior managers and over the last year this general manager seems to have completely changed her personality to the point where none of the 5 senior managers trust her any longer and each manager has had several run in situations with her over policy and the running of the business.

The latest incident happened this week where the Hr Manager wrote an email to the general manager raising some concerns over how some members of staff have been treated over some training material that was percieved to be incorrect. (I do not think this is the issue).

The general manager called in the Hr Manager who is part of the senior team and declared the email was a rant and ripped it up in front of the Hr manager and reduced her to tears.

Another member of the senior team read the email prior to it being sent to the general manager and it was clearly not a rant but a bullet pointed email raising concerns with solutions.

One other senior manager and an operational manager heard a lot of the conversation as the a joining office has very thin walls.

I am also a member of the senior team and can not believe what the senior team are having to put up with.  This general manager used to support her team and people came first and now people seem to mean nothing at all.

Would this incident represent a form of bulling of the Hr Manager.  I am also from an Hr back ground.

The Hr manager reports to the  head of hr in London and has a dotted line into general manager.  The general manager reports into the head of Hr/education director in London.

We all feel we are walking on egg shells and awaiting to find out who the next person will be to face fireing line.

Any thoughts from anyone who has had to deal with a difficult GM?