Please could someone help with the following (ACAS have given two different answers).

Situation: Employee off on sick leave for 7.5 moths. Received Full pay for 6 months, half pay for the remaining 1.5 months. Company policy)

Returned to work on a fit note with Reduced hours (Normal hours = 37.5 per week, 7.5hours/day)

July Fit note = 24 hours per week

August Fit note = 25 hours per week

Annual holidays are usually 25 Plus Bank Holidays.

Question 1) what should the employee be paid for the August bank Holiday? 5hours or 7.5 hours?

Question 2? If the employee takes a week’s leave should they be paid for 37.5hours or 25 hours,

Question 3: Should the holiday entitlement be pro rata’d or stay the same?

Many Thanks.

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