Please could someone advise?

I have been told the following and wanted to check if this is indeed correct? The agency worker it relates to has worked for the agency for 2+ years and finished working for them on 1st October 2014. The holiday year I understand runs from 1st January to end December.

He was told he had 33 days holiday entitlement for this year.

AGENCY WORKER: I understood that I was entitled to 33 days holiday this year – so far I have taken 23.5 days so how many days am I owing?

AGENCY: "The reason they don't add up to the 33 days after the full year is because the payroll systems for temps (as approved by HMRC) only accrues holiday pay when you are actually working, i.e. submitting hours through a timesheet so when you're off no holiday pay is accruing. Holiday pay is accrued hourly and the system shows that over the year, after your days off (whether you took them paid or not) your average week is only 32 hours, hence the reduced holiday pay entitlement."

Your views?

Thank you


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