We have 2 scenarios :-

1. A manager may invite their team out after work to celebrate a fund raising success

2. We may crack open a bottle of champagne in the HQ workplace (200 HQ based employees ) to celebrate a birthday/ Christmas/ etc. Obviously, consumption is monitored to reflect the legal limit.

We do not have an alcohol policy yet, but we would like to develop one. In particular, how do we address ensuring that employees (eg: Muslims) unable to drink or touch alcohol are not embarassed or placed under undue pressure by being asked if they want a glass of alcohol. Similarly, if the manager who takes staff off site to celebrate, and then pays the bill – would this constitute any kind of discrimination, as a Muslim (or someone unable to drink due to a disability) would not be able to take advantage of this "benefit", whereas other people can just make a choice?

If anyone has a policy and procedure that covers this type of issue, I would welcome sight of it.

Thank you.