My job has been put at risk of compulsory redundancy as the role is moving to another location, in 2 wk consultation until 28/6 and then redundant.  I have been asked if I would stay on for 6 months to help, carry on job whilst new team recruited, train the new team and transfer knowledge with a bonus at the end of 6 months.  So I could be made redundant on 28/6 or consider the 6mths transfer knowledge  I have asked what happens if I find a job outside of the company during the 6 mths, will I be entitled to the redundancy?   If I accept the offer of training the new staff. I have been told I must complete the 6 months to get the redundancy payment, is this usually/correct?  I dont have all the details of whats involved during 6 months, when they will have recruited, where the training will take place so worried it might not work out once Ive accepted as its a big task.  Can they extend the period beyond 6 months if staff not trained up?