Self-management part three: Purpose, belonging and culture

silhouette photo of six persons on top of mountain: Self-management part three: Purpose, belonging and culture

In the final part of their series on self-management, Perry Timms and Kirsten Buck examine frameworks where co-created purpose and good governance overarching this have shaped cultures where people feel more liberated, connected and respected.

Tech culture: On-site gym or layoffs by email?

man's reflection on body of water photography representing disillusioned tech employee

Tech companies recruited gifted people into splendid workplaces and then, a few years on, fired them via automated and impersonal emails. What can we learn about culture from such diverse employee experiences?

New legal rights for carers: What HR professionals need to know

brown duck near ducklings

At a time when more workers than ever before have caring responsibilities let’s break down the Carer’s Leave Regulations 2024 and consider how and why employers should go above and beyond in providing more than the minimum that’s required by law.

500 UK employers fail to pay minimum wage: What’s going on?

poverty, black and white, emotion.

Over 500 UK employers have breached the National Minimum Wage (NMW) law, leaving over 172,000 workers out of pocket. Wellbeing expert Gethin Nadin examines why this is not only unjust, but a significant wellbeing issue that we must put a stop to.

HR as a sustainability activist: Five ways to drive ‘social’ impact in ESG plans


The first article in this series on HR as a sustainability activist, explored how we, as people professionals can be conduits for lasting change by taking climate action. Climate action in its simplest form is about addressing the environmental crisis we see, but of course sustainability has breadth beyond the care and duty to our […]