Return-to-office tribunals: How to avoid the battleground

photo of herd of sheep: Return to office tribunals: How to avoid the battleground

As UK firms move away from remote working and back to office-based setups, there may be an uptick in tribunal cases as employees push back. What do employers need to be aware of to ensure they remain compliant? Danielle Ayres, Employment Partner from Primas Law, advises.

How HR is business-critical in 2024

shallow focus photograph of black and gray compass: equipping HR to advise on the way forward on statutory changes

Change across HR and employment regulation this year is affecting organisations of all sizes. By keeping abreast of statutory changes HR can advise and support accordingly.

Sainsbury’s employee dismissed for ‘stealing’ a shopping bag

woman holding her face in dark room representing a stressful situation after dismissal after employee followed correct procedures and policies

Many are ‘baffled’ that a Sainsbury’s employee of 20 years was sacked for gross misconduct after accidentally stealing carrier bags. However, the employer was within its rights to take this action. This case underlines the importance of having clear policies and procedures in place.

Barclays discrimination claims: From lip service to lawsuits

person walking on beach during daytime representing a maze

Recent allegations of racial and gender discrimination in a hiring decision at Barclays highlights the damage caused by broken talent management approaches. Deborah Hartung explores five ways to fix this frustratingly common business problem.

500 UK employers fail to pay minimum wage: What’s going on?

poverty, black and white, emotion.

Over 500 UK employers have breached the National Minimum Wage (NMW) law, leaving over 172,000 workers out of pocket. Wellbeing expert Gethin Nadin examines why this is not only unjust, but a significant wellbeing issue that we must put a stop to.

The importance of long-term support

lake, fishermen, nature

Employers should ensure that they have long-term support in place for those who need it as well as short-term, one-off services such as virtual GPs and EAPs.