My partner works in the health sector and is on a part-time contract, working Thursdays and Fridays each week.

In October, she went through the correct channels to book Thursday and Friday of Christmas week as annual leave.

The request was granted and we have made plans for those days (including a trip to the hospital for a scan, as she is pregnant!)

Today, she was told that she could no longer take the days as holiday. Seven people put in requests for annual leave for the Thursday and Friday AFTER her request was granted and they still have the days as holiday.

In addition to this, she also had another two days of annual leave cancelled. She went along with this as her manager promised she could have the Christmas week.

This to me seems grossly unfair. I was wondering whether anyone here could advise on the best course of action – having read similar posts on the site, I suspect that the employer is unfortunately well within their rights!

Thank you in advance

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