We have recently introduced an early finish of 3.00pm on a Friday for our Production staff (who normally finish at 4.30pm). To account for the time off, they are required to now start work half an hour earlier on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

If they wish to book holiday on a Friday, either a day or half day, they have asked if they can not start work half an hour early on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday as they feel they will be ‘missing out’ and losing the extra hours they have worked. We, as a Company, disagree with this as their weekly working hours will have changed and they agreed to the change.

However, I am trying to find out if other Companies compensate hours for the hours ‘lost’ if their staff wish to book holiday on a Friday, or if normal holiday is booked and no hours of work are altered.

I would appreciate if as many of you as possible could give me your feedback as I would like to provide staff with evidence that this is not common practice.

Many thanks.

Stella Woodend