A member of staff (who is a supervisor)failed to return from his holiday 4 weeks ago, saying that his wife was ill and he needed to look after her. This went on for a week and then he said he was ill too. During all this time we were unable to contact him at home, and when he did contact his work he did not follow the proper procedure. Neither has he produced a Doctor’s certificate as he was asked to do on 2 occasions. Contact from him stopped 2 weeks ago. He has received 3 letters from us setting deadlines for contact- all of which he has failed to meet. His last letter( sent by special delivery) stated that if he did not contact us we could only assume that he had resigned. He actually phoned the day after the deadline with poor excuses as to why he has not phoned before. He has done this before, and his Manager does not want him back in his team as he feels he cannot trust him any more. My concern is that there is actually nothing in writing from him. Are we right to assume he has resigned, or should we follow the disciplinary route? Any thoughts?
fiona fritz

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