I work for a Public Sector organisation who have recently implemented an Attendance Management Policy and Return to Work Interviews. However our budget for training our managers on the policy has been reduced to £0 so we will have to deliver the training in-house.

We have very limited experience of designing and building a training course but we want to make this a informative, fun, with plenty of interaction and involvement with Line Managers, we want to make them think, we don’t want it to be a traditional one-way down load of information from HR to managers.

The most important aspect for our managers is the Return to Work interview; they just don’t know what to do/say. So we were thinking of role plays to let them practice in a safe environment (although we know this wont appeal to everyone)

Does anyone have any Return to Work Interview role plays that they would be willing to share?

Has anyone developed any internal guidelines on RTWI’s that they could share with us?

Any idea on how we can make this topic more interesting/interactive?

Any feedback would be appreciated.

rachel haake

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