I work in HR 3 days per week. Tues Wed and Thurs.My initial contract dated 1991 stated I was only entitled to bank holidays if they fell on my working days. Under the Part Time Workers (Prevention of less favourable treatment) 2000 I challenged my employer on this issue but to date no luck! although my full time colleagues contracts state they are entitled to paid bank holidays in addition to annual leave therefore I should be entitled to prorata?! I have now been issued a new contract for a job change which clearly states (wrongly)! that I am entitled to 32 days annual leave + 8 bank holidays(a full timers entitlement and therefore without the falling on a working day clause)!. The contract has been signed by myself and the Director of HR. Obviously I am not trying to take the fulltimers entitlement but wonder from a legal side what my rights are!! Thanks.
claire harding