Several staff, including senior managers in the organisaion have complained to both HR and to the Cheif Executive that they find a senior director’s BO offensive. HR has also been requested by the Organisation’s recognised Trade Union to solve this problem. The Cheif executive has asked HR to solve this problem.

The Director in question is male (I am female, he is old enough to be my father and of the “old school” who I believe will be highly offended if this issue is raised with him. This Director’s experience and expertise is highly valued by the Cheif Executive and I am concerned that in speaking to this Director I will cause significant offence to him which will have a negative effect on the Director’s committment and loyalty to the Company.

The HR department numbers two, myself and one other, both female and my assistant is younger than me. Any advice on how best to handle this problem? How can HR do as the Chielf Executive has asked without causing damaging bad feeling? Any suggestions would be very much appreciated!
Kate Mostyn