I need to write a Capability Strategy and produce a Workforce plan for the next 5 years and I’m not really sure how to go about it.  I’m not entirely clueless 🙂 with 25 years in Training and HR and 15 of those in fairly senior positions!  However, the organisations I have worked for have had no interest or commitment beyond the current financial year and so I have had little experience of doing something like this and would appreciate some practical advice, possibly even some sharing of your own strategies and plans (of course in confidence) to help me actually see the approach, what they contain and how they are structured.

We have an annual talent review so I am used to gathering data about skills gaps and proposing solutions.  I manage recruitment at a high level for my organisation so I also have that context.  We have recently produced a leadership competency framework so we have that in place, as well as a very comprehensive in house training team.  Lots of building blocks – I just need a helping hand to set me on my way and give me an insight into what is required.  I’m happy to get trained on this or do some reading but being a true activist I’d be happier just getting a starter for ten and DOING IT! 🙂

Can any senior HR managers/directors etc assist?  Many many thanks!