I graduated with a Business Degree, and a Masters in HRD & management learning. as a fresh graduate 5 years ago, knowing my interest in the development of people, I started pursuing my career in anything relevant.
I end up embarking on a trainee manager programme in a hotel, and started first as a hotel receptionist and now a trainer in their Group of 15 hotels. Now running the department, I have been training all the group employees with hotel basic training, systems both reception & conference,etc for nearly 3 years.
Now my point is, I have been working as their trainer, but I have been working ONLY based on my instincts, past experience working in other department in their company, my own research and maybe a little of knowledge from my studies. You could put it that my experience in that company is somewhat- Take it as it comes & deal with it.
Due to that I do not feel that I have maybe be trained as a professional trainer, and even though I knowI am very good in my job (from feedbacks), I realised that if I would like to pursue my career as a professional trainer, I would need to do something.
Reading on CIPD CTP, I am very interested in. But, do you think that should be my next step? Or do you think coming out and look for a job in a training provider be my next step? Where should I work with so I could actually learn lots about putting theory in practice? If not, how could I embark on a career as either a Training Provider or training consultant in other industry? Don’t get me wrong, I am currently VERY much enjoying my current work, however, I felt the need to gain something for myself in terms of Knowledge & experience.
Please help!!! Any recommendations, suggestion is very Much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance

Lidya Gunawan

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