we need to confirm details of a job description for a long term employee who is notoriously difficult!
This employee has been payroll and HR database administrator for the past 4 years. However a designated HR Manager has recently been appointed because HR policies and procedures had fallen behind compliance standard due to the Director who had been responsible for HR had not had time to deal with HR issues properly.
The employee works 4 days per week, & part time(09.15 – 14.45) currently and has refused to increase her hours in the recent past.
It has now become imperative that the HR Dept has more HR administrative assistance and we would like to make the Payroll and HR Administrator a full time post with a revised job description.
The HR system covers all our HR and payroll database requirements and there is a lot of crossover of information gathering and data entry for both HR and payroll, so another part time post would be difficult to incorporate.
Would it be possible to make the part time post redundant?
There are currently no other part time posts available in the Accounts Dept (which is where the employee began her employment with the company)
Has anyone any suggestions of a way forward?