I have received conflicting advice regarding our wish to integrate 8 monthly paid employees from a mid month payroll to month end pay date, to align with 800 existing salaried employees. I have consulted with the employees and with their TU’s. Our legal advisor says we cannot impose a change without their agreement (they transferred under TUPE a month ago. Their TU rep wants a cash incentive of £150/200, in addition to the interest free loan (equal to 0.5 mths pay) over 12 months already on offer. HR Director unwilling to offer cash lump in addition. 4 of the 8 are unconcerned, 4 are resisting. Another advisor claims we can simply give (min 28 days) notice that pay date changes so long as we have exhausted full consultation obligations.

If it was down to me I’d compensate for inconvenience, as it is required for our administrative convenience. Although numbers are small, there will be more behind them so precedent setting course of action. Any comments or similar experiences welcome?

Pauline Isidore