Can anyone please help, a number of colleagues have rasied some questions about their working hours in a Manufacturing company.
* Contracts vary from person to person, the 2 individuals involved have written in their contracts 37.5 hours are to be worked, or until the job is completed. * Their question is if they are travelling to and from destinations for work e.g. 5am get up, 6am check-in to airport, 7am flight to Dublin, return flight at 8pm, get in home for about 9pm. This makes a normal 8 hour day into a 16-18 hour day, is the employee able to claim hours back to ensure they are working to their 37.5 hour week?
* Are there any legal guidelines these individuals may refer to when talking to their manager about hours they are expected to work – at the moment it is expected that the individual will return to work the following day for 8am.

Any advice/help regarding EU Working directives, general working hours would be most appreciated.

many thanks in advance

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