We are currently dealing with an employee who is on long term sick absence who does not have a permanent address. He has also not given us a phone number or any other way of contacting him.

We have sent all correspondance to him registered post to both the address that we do have and to his GP, some is being collected some is not. He continues to submit medical certificates so is still covered by OSP. We have asked him to call us or for his number, we have offered him a home visit, a prepaid taxi to pick them up and bring them for a meeting and a meeting away from both work and home but he is unwilling to speak to either his manager or HR.

As they are still covered by a medical certificate but we are unable to find out how to help them back to work I am absolutely stumped as to what to do next.

How much does the employer have to do before they can look to stop the employees pay or end their contract and can we insist that they speak to a manager or HR representative.

Help please…
Rebecca Hewett